Section 9? (HP 1000 power supply)

From: Bob Shannon <>
Date: Tue Dec 31 21:15:00 2002

Yep, thats the external battery pack bypass jumper.

Some HP's have an internal power supply option for battery backup using
a 14V Gel Cell battery. If the external
battery pack is disconnected, you need to install this jumper or the
machine will not power up the memory system properly. This can be
mis-diagnosed as a deffective power supply or bad CPU.

If your getting all siz register-select LEDs lit on power-up, that may
well be your problem.

But dusty-old HP1000's often have fussy ribbon cables inside the memory
card cage that can cause some intermitant power-up issues. Also for
some reason its not too uncommon to find misconfigured memory systems.
 I've seen machines come out of the field with improper combinations of
memory arrays and controllers more than once. This will cause you
start-up problems too.

Frank McConnell wrote:

>"Glen S" <> wrote:
>>But someone else on the list told me that something like an 880ohm resister
>>across the left most and right most terminals of the middle row of the
>>battery connector input would trigger the power supply to power up all of
>>the way. That did the trick for the HP 1000 / 2117F that I have.
>Here I sit looking at a little black square 3x3 plug, HP p/n
>12991-60002 (stamped in white ink on one side of the hood).
>Inside the hood (visible through the hole in the back) there is only a
>1/4W resistor connected to pins 4 and 6, which matches Glen's
>description. Bands are gray, red, brown, gold. Hmm, 820 ohms?
>Measures as 823 ohms on my cheap digital multimeter.
>-Frank McConnell

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