MMJ and custom cables (was: Re: DEC 3000 300X/300)

From: Tothwolf <>
Date: Tue Dec 31 22:38:00 2002

On Tue, 31 Dec 2002, Robert F. Schaefer wrote:
> From: "Don Mitchell" <>
> > MMJ connectors are easy to find, and DB25 - MMJ adaptors are also easy
> > to find. Then, all that's needed is 6 conductor flat cable, also easy
> > to find, and an MMJ crimper -- not very easy to find, and expensive.
> FYI, Ideal Industries makes an RJ45 & MMJ crimper, cat no. 30-497
> (, about halfway down), that
> can be had for less than US$40.

Ideal also makes a MMJ compatible die set for those of us who already own
a compatible ratcheting crimper. The cost for the die set is around $15 or
less depending on the sales vendor.

Since we are on the subject of cable building, I'd like to find out just
how much demand there is out there for MMJ and other such hard to find/
custom cables for classic computers. I've been considering purchasing
tools and materials to build some of these cables, and if demand is high
enough, I'd be willing to build such cables for the cost of materials plus
a nominal amount for other classic computer enthusiasts. This would
certainly help me justify purchasing the required tools and materials, and
would also make some of these hard to find cables easier to obtain.

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