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From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Tue Dec 31 23:21:02 2002

 I also worked as crew on a bunch of films. As asst. prop,
driver, returning and picking up props, as well as other
positions like electric, special effects, and grip. I actually
worked on films that I never knew their names, such as
one that had about 3 name changes before it became
"Big Town" (?).
 A film with Jim Carey in it would be a major production
and Australia has many professionals, including
propmasters who would have a pretty good idea where
they could obtain props likely long before the name and
principals were decided. One 30 year veteran propmaster
I worked and ate with had a 1 year lead-time to line up
props for some dreadful right-wing funded film starring
Chris Cristopherson. One of the major concerns is costs
of rental versus outright purchase and return from sale
after production.

 This is a phony.


On 30 Dec 2002, , John Lawson wrote:

> The movie industry magazine Daily Variety has, every
> Thursday, a
> complete list of all films known to be in current
> production. Any film of sufficient stature to have Kate
> Winslet in it will most likely be listed there.... though
> it is not infallible. Most large bookstalls and news outlets
> in major cities carry DV and the Hollywood Reporter. It
> shouldn't be too hard to verify.
> And usually prop people have their famous 'notebooks', as
> well as more
> than a dozen industry-specific publications, just for this
> purpose. And most of the time they'd be a bit reticent to
> name the movie and the principal talent right off the
> bat.... I thought this guy's post was a bit naive, at the
> least. Usually they represent themselves as working for
> such-and-such Production Company - sometimes you dont' find
> out the name of the movie until much later, after the gear
> has been returned.
> From having been in the movie business for 15 years, and
> from having
> worked, prior to that, in two large Surplus companies who
> relied heavily on prop rental, I never dealt with anyone who
> came off as Mr. Fox does.
> Cheers
> John

May you get halfway to heaven, before Satan learns you're
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