Anyone have any experience replacing a Dallas 1287 with a 12887?

From: Mark Willis <>
Date: Tue Dec 31 23:53:00 2002

At 01:57 PM 12/31/02, Ethan Dicks wrote:
>Alternatively, has anyone here successfully performed surgery on a Dallas
>module? I have disconnected the battery from a Mostek 48T02 from a SPARC
>and soldered on an external Lithium cell, but the packaging makes it easy
>to get access to the battery wires coming down from the top (I even put
>the battery on a 9V battery snap so it's easier to replace) I haven't
>heard of anyone doing this for the more sealed Dallas modules.
>So... anybody else suffer though this?

Annoying surgery, not impossible. The battery's atop the IC, usually a
CR1220 or so type cell, soldered to a couple pins.

Not sure if I did this on a Dallas unit offhand, know I have done it on
epoxy-potted and on clip-on plastic cover type RTC's.

Myself, I put in a vertical battery holder and use CR2032's usually (Just
have to stock one battery, then.)

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