Any AMIGA users?

From: Matt London <>
Date: Tue Jan 1 18:34:36 2002


> OK what was the AMIGA that ran both AMIGA and PC software ... (286 +
> 68000 )
> cpu cards on a PC style box. Did that have a special software to write
> PC disks?
> I saw one once - but it was sure slow!

I've got an A500 (+A570 and A590, tho you can't use both at once - mildly
annoying), an A1200 and a B2000.

The 2000 has the original A2088 bridgeboard, which is basically an 8088
based XT on a zorro II card, which hooked into the ISA slots on the amiga
motherboard to allow you to use PC cards - but with a 4.77MHz 8088 - yes,
it was slow :&) There was also an A2286, which would be the 286 you were
talking about. I don't know the specs of the top of my head, but 12MHz
seems to ring a bell somewhere.

-- Matt

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