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Date: Tue Jan 1 13:01:00 2002

Tony wrote:

> > Glug! Almost sprayed water on my precious IBM keyboard.!
> Err, it's an IBM keyboard. It'll survive things like that :-)

Not this time, I lost one or two and seen other keyboards that has
conductive ink for both traces and contacts. Even that flimsy
plastic IBM keyboard that came with original PS/1 is same design as
heavy PS/2 keyboards except that things go together is held
together by both top and bottom halves via snaps and two screws.
That traces corroded when water got in, and had to take it apart to
repair that.

Kept dry and mop up spills instantly that keyboard I type on last
> But if you make such a mistake once, then you should learn from it and
> not do the same thing n times in the future. That's the sort of mistake
> that I object to.

Hmmm... Mistakes is fewer if one make certain his knowledge is good
by cross checking the info from more than one sources. And 'net is
useful too. But knowledge you gained from school doesn't replace
that practical experience, both goes together and lose that
atittudes then you'll will do very well there in wild. :-)

> > > I wonder if the HPIB spec (if it was ever published) specifies the
> > > jackscrew threads.
> >
> > Might be not existent.
> >
> > 4-40 is right for those kind.
> What? For HPIB connectors? I don't think that's right. All the books I've
> looked in specifies M3.5. And that's what I've used with no problems at
> all for home-made jackposts (have you ever tried to buy them in the UK?).

Sorry, I was thinking of this 4-40 for D-shell fasteners.


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