Nomenclature (was: NEXT Color Printer find

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Tue Jan 1 10:43:50 2002

> Careful, now ... I don't think Amphenol makes the AMP line of connectors,
> though it's possible I failed to notice that over the 25 years or so that
> I've had both an Amphenol catalog and an AMP catalog lying about.

They are indeed different companies. Amphenol used to be the American
Phenolic Company, and AMP used to be Air-Marine Products, Inc..

> BTW, if you look back in history, the <shape + shell-size + number of
> contacts + gender> designation, e.g DB25P, DC37S, DD50P, etc, also
> originated with Amphenol, if memory serves, yet folks still haven't really
> come to use that rather precise set of definitions.

MIL-C-24308. (Should be required reading for this list, so we can end
this constantly surfacing thread about D-shells).

William Donzelli
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