SCO Install (was Tape Drive)

From: Ken Seefried <>
Date: Tue Jan 1 21:06:27 2002

My first "real" job was heavily involved with SCO. We (SecureWare) wrote
the C2 subsystem for SCO (among other interesting things).

BTW...To actually load this software, there should be a blue or pink card
with a serial number on it. I don't know if the current free SCO license
covers stuff this old.

On December 29, Chad Fernandez wrote:
> The other day I found a SCO Open Desktop 2.0.0 media kit, on Qic24
> tape. I don't have the correct drive...... I don't have any tape drive
> experience, actually.
> Does anybody have an unneeded Qic24 SCSI tape drive? I checked Ebay and
> I didn't see anything that I thought was what I needed.

Pretty much any drive that reads 60MB DC600A tapes should be able to read
these tapes, assuming it has a controller supported by the install program.
I remember using Wangtek and Archive non-SCSI drives & controllers.

> This is going back into a very fuzzy memory...but does anyone know
> if an Archive 2150S drive (QIC-150) will read QIC-24 tapes?

Yup...a 2150S (or 2060S, I suppose) should read these tapes, as will other
SCSI drives that read DC600As. As I recall, the Adaptec 154x controllers
are supported by the install software, among others.

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