SCO Open Desktop (Re: Tape drive needed)

From: Chad Fernandez <>
Date: Tue Jan 1 21:43:20 2002

Ken Seefried wrote:
> My first "real" job was heavily involved with SCO. We (SecureWare) wrote
> the C2 subsystem for SCO.
> To actually load this software, there should be a blue or pink card with a
> serial number on it.

Mine is yellow. It has a serial number and activation key.

> Pretty much any drive that reads 60MB DC600A tapes should be able to read
> these tapes, but you will need to find a supported controller. I remember
> using Wangtek drives & controllers.

Yes, but I don't know even that much about tape drives. I've done a
little research now, but I still don't know a lot. I plan on using
SCSI, not Qic-02 or Qic-36.

> > This is going back into a very fuzzy memory...but does anyone know
> > if an Archive 2150S drive (QIC-150) will read QIC-24 tapes?
> Yup...a 2150S should read these tapes. I'm pretty sure the Adaptec 154x
> controllers are supported by the install software.

Dave is looking for the drive. I'll be using an IBM card that was OEMed
from Future Domain. I'll be installing Open Desktop on an IBM Model 80
that has a new planar by Reply Corporation. It's a 486 class board with
Microchannel slots, so I can't use a 154x card. The Future Domain card
is supported by Open Desktop...... I have a supported hardware guide :-)

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA
Received on Tue Jan 01 2002 - 21:43:20 GMT

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