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From: Glen Goodwin <>
Date: Tue Jan 1 23:08:38 2002

> From: Richard Erlacher <>

> Sadly, if we allow the language to degenerate in the direction in which
> been "progressing" over the past three decades, we'll reach a point where
> all our words are of a single syllable and only the inflections will
> meaning. That's back to pre-Neanderthal communication, isn't it?
> 't

> seems as though everyone wants to conceal the weaknesses in their own
> knowledge (and
> vocabluarly) by allowing others to fill in the blanks.

> Unfortunately, the point at which we've now arrived is one where there
> more blanks than words. This isn't
> irreprarable, is it?

Dude. Get a spell-checker. Or learn to spell. Especially when composing
messages concerning the deterioration of American English.

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