VMS 6.1 S/W Kit

From: William S. <wilby98_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed Jan 2 11:52:58 2002

Thank you everyone for the followups to my inquiry.
I did some deep searching at the compaq site and came
up with some good details to supplement what others have

Here is a link to a pdf document:


According to the book...


"MicroVAX chip introduced for the MicroVAX II,
DIGITALS first 32-bit microprocessor."

"VMS V4.2 shipped."

It's nice to see others have kept MVII's up and
running. It may be a challenge getting it all booted
up and such but I sense it will be good and stable
once it is running.

Amsterdam, NL

On Wed, Jan 02, 2002 at 08:10:04AM -0800, Ethan Dicks wrote:
> I have some stuff on RX50, but where I worked, they tended to
> recycle distribution diskettes (since blanks were expensive)
> so I doubt I have a complete set of anything truely ancient,
> but I can see what I _do_ have. I should probably start
> going through the boxes and boxes of diskettes (I already
> have started going through the boxes and boxes of TU58s).
> We had a uVAX-I when they were new, new, new. We also paid $17K
> to upgrade one to a uVAX-II. Still got both. I would have to
> fire up the uVAX-I to see what OS is on it, but I'm fairly certain
> it's on an RD52 (I don't think it's an RD51, but it could be. No
> way it could be an RD-53 - it has an RQDX1)
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