DEC bus driver/receiver chips

From: Carlini, Antonio <>
Date: Wed Jan 2 12:53:43 2002

>Yes (assuming the VT78/WS78/WT78 are all the same thing). Are you
>some part in particular or just general looking?

        I have a WT78 (along with its dual floppy drives).
        I left the table behind but now I realise I've
        probably destroyed its historical value :-(

        It came with a couple of 8" floppies
        and a few (two or three) WPS manuals.

        I have zero technical info so anything vaguely
        technical would be nice. I've looked through
        your list of docs, and apart from WPS, OS/8
        (does that apply??) and docs with 78 in the date
        I don't see any stuff that applies. Printsets,
        tech manuals, anything that will help me fix it
        (I'm sure it will break sometime in the next
        thirty years or so ...) would be nice.

        The computer conservation society here in the
        UK had one too that they were working on
        (I don't recall it's exact condition) but they
        didn't have any docs available when last I

        I'll hunt out my two or three docs soon (they're
        in the garage too - and it's a tad cold right now!)
        and I'll get them scanned if they're not something you
        already have.

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