Nomenclature (was: Crescent wrenches

From: Chris <>
Date: Wed Jan 2 14:51:06 2002

>Old Boss of mine called the larger triangular headed
>snippers (sim.: Xelite wire cutter) "Dykes". Any word
>on this... word. Is this a correct term?

I learned that Dykes were the square nosed pliers/wire cutters. Later to
learn them by a seemingly more proper name of "Bull Nose Pliers". And I
have heard the triangular headed ones called Dykes as well, but I have
always just called them wire cutters (but I interchange Dykes and Bull
Nose pliers all the time for the other ones.)

I have NO idea if these are the right terms (I would lean towards
thinking Bull Nose is correct, but I tend to doubt Dykes is anything more
than an used term)


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