Crescent wrenches

From: Chris <>
Date: Wed Jan 2 15:22:32 2002

>Aah, I'm getting tired. I rest my case.

Your tool listing was NOT from a catalog... it was from someone saying
what you need to show up with. I specifically said it would NOT be listed
that way in a CATALOG (although, I do retract my statement, as I have
found one such listing that it does to my great surprise). Since it is a
list of tools to show up with... it could very well be that you should
have a true Crescent wrench (but that is stretching it pretty far, so I
am sure they are just refering to any adjustable "crescent" wrench)

As for the theater, that may be regional, that may not be... the theaters
in my area do NOT call it a crescent wrench unless you are a "rookie".
That doesn't mean other theaters don't. (And we call the others a "pipe
wrench" or a "monkey wrench" depending on if it has a loose head or not,
pipe is loose, monkey is fixed)

Once again, it is language, and ALL language is regional, sometimes as
microscale as within a few city blocks.

The argument still holds no water when the discussion is calling an item
by its CORRECT name. Crescent, no matter HOW "accepted" is not the
"technically" correct name. It is no more correct than a DB9 in reference
to what is a DE9. Sure, it might be widely accepted, and you may have a
better chance of getting what you really want, but it is still
"technically" incorrect.

Aah... I'M getting tired... I give up... this was never supposed to be a
wrench discussion, it was supposed to be a one shot email pointing out
irony. (Hey Sellam... demand some moderation already to bring this to an
end and put me out of my misery)


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