MV-III CPU vs RD53 drives

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Wed Jan 2 18:47:48 2002

> Well, that's sort of my [untutored] view too, but hey. I guess it's
> what you want & when. He's doing strictly PDP stuff, so the VAX boards
> are gathering dust.
> I also forgot to ask the other pertinent question. Assuming I can
> replace the DEQNA ethernet adapter, do I *need* local disks? I'm
> thinking a TK50, and a remote filesystem. MFM drives have never tripped
> my trigger.
> Doc

Have you got a VAX with SCSI disks such as a VAXstation 3100 or 4000? I
seem to recall you do. If so you can simply boot off of it's system disk.
If not, try and get an ESDI or SCSI controller (warning, Q-Bus SCSI
controllers are expensive).

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