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From: Matt London <>
Date: Wed Jan 2 20:35:31 2002


> [snippage]
[yet more snippage - both above and below]
> > >In my garage, we had a box with a 150mm Crescent WANNABE, "rubber nails"
> > >(steel nails for nailing rubber weatherstripping), spotted paint (sold in
> > >a spray can by GM for repairing trunks), etc. for hazing the new parts
> > >runners.
> >
> >And the all time favorite, ask for the 8/16th socket.
> I always heard it as either the "left-handed" and/or "metric" adjustable
> wrench (which here in northern Michigan, seems to be interchangeable with
> "Crescent" albeit incorrectly) and in the military (I was a radio/wire dog)
> we had "frequency grease" to send others for...

My grandad (may he rest in peace), who used to work in a machine shop
somehwere, used to recall that they would send the new apprentices down to
the basement stores for a packet of #3 skyhooks and a bucket of blue
steam, possibly even a long stand (which is enevitably what they got in

-- Matt

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