Trailing-edge compute farm seeks gainful employment

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Thu Jan 3 09:29:26 2002

Your first sentence is an excellent example of a run-on sentence. However,
you forgot to allude to the lack of agreement in number between the subject
and verb of the second (run-on) clause.

In point of fact, it is really easy to assume that the person who doesn't
(suggesting that he can't) write clearly and correctly doesn't know, in
general, what he's writing about. That may or may not be the case, but it
doesn't shore-up confidence in his poorly constructed remarks.


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> It's not that people here are snooty and require proper English to post to
> the list, it's just that run-on sentences with improper grammar and no
> punctuation and capitalization is a real pain in the ass to read.
> It also makes the reader assume (sometimes wrongly...) that the person
> posting the message is a complete idiot, and advice, suggestions, and
> answers will not be understood when given. This is a technical group, and
> speaking for myself, it's hoped by the person giving advice that the
> recipient of the advice will be able to utilize it without asking
> like: "where is the power switch?".
> I'm not going to make any assumptions regarding your education level or
> intelligence, but what you write and how you write it does give an
> impression on the receiving end.
> God knows my English isn't perfect...... : )
> - Matt
> At 01:06 AM 1/3/2002 -0500, you wrote:
> >sometimes i forget that computer folks r technical people.
> >i come from the arts where the only thing that is needed is
> >understanding.
> >i am on stage sometimes and all the musicians do is
> >just nod or look at each other and everyone understands them.
> >will try and and be more precise. i guess here that is needed.
> >
> >joee
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