From: Matthew Sell <>
Date: Thu Jan 3 10:57:36 2002

I know I'm going to open up a can of worms on this post, but my curiosity
is killing me....

Now that I have OpenVMS 6.1 running on my VAX 4000, I'm curious about the
status of the various "FreeVMS" projects that are in progress (or so it
would seem....).

Are any of these projects really in active development? Which projects have
the greatest potential for operation? I checked several sites related to
"FreeVMS", which actually seems to be a common name for several different
projects with different goals.

I'd love to "cut my teeth" with kernel development after working with Linux
for several years. I personally think it would be neat to have an accurate
version of FreeVMS that would work on VAX, AXP, and i386 (gulp!). When I
say accurate, I mean that FreeVMS would respond the same as VMS would for
the various commands and peripherals.

Some of you probably think it would be silly to take an i386 version of
FreeVMS and port it "back" to VAX and AXP, but it would be a neat way to
use FreeVMS, especially if the OpenVMS hobbyist program (or OpenVMS) were
to go away.

Nuts? Probably. Neat? Yes!

Here are links to the various FreeVMS projects I have visited:

         - Matt

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