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From: Chad Fernandez <>
Date: Thu Jan 3 23:22:15 2002

I always call them Crescent Wrenches. I always thought Adjustable
Wrench was the silly name that knock-offs were called. I have a few
smaller ones that are made by Craftsman, but the big 15 incher I have is
a genuine Crescent Wrench.

I'm just guess, but I assume that the Crescent Tool Company, now owned
by Cooper Tools, came up with the design first.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

Lawrence Walker wrote:
> Well I've worked most of my life with tools, including Garages, machine
> shops, construction , the oil-patch, the film industry as grip and "electric",
> the railways, had a bicycle shop, and many other mechanical things and in
> Canada it was always specifically referred to as a crescent wrench. Before I
> learned that Cresent was a company I always thought it referred to the
> shape. A request for a"adjustable" wrench would have elicited a momentary
> pause and then a caustic "vice-grip" or "monkeywrench"?
> Then again each region has it's own language like "tubes" and "valves".
> Lawrence
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