Any AMIGA users?

From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Fri Jan 4 09:48:23 2002

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> I am unaware of such a thing as a hard sectored drive. It is a
> controller function.

So the sector holes are in exactly the same place as the index hole?

> Change the controller card - and the operating system to
> support it. It
> has been done.

I imagined it may have... especially with what I've seen done to a Northstar. :)

> > Actually you might be able to get by with it in a high density
> > drive, given some way of attaching the disk to the "spindle" of the
> > drive, and provided that you didn't really want to keep the disk
> > anyway (or possibly the drive!), and if you were willing to write
> > mind-numbingly useless special-purpose software. Otherwise, I hear
> > that CompatiCard will drive an 8" floppy ;)

> As will a conventional AT FDC. Trouble is, most of them won't
> read/write single-density (FM). However, some of the XT class clone
> controllers with an onboard BIOS and selectable BIOS address
> will drive
> an 8" drive and do both FM and MFM.

I think it was Fred in a previous post who said that CompatiCard would indeed do FM, but it's early and I'm too lazy to check right now. :)



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