Dilog DQ614 diagnostics program first tests

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Thu Jan 3 13:30:33 2002

On Jan 3, 11:51, Sergio Pedraja Cabo wrote:

> I did the first tests with the DQ614P.SAV program and my Dilog DQ614
> MFM controller board. This board simulates up to four RL01/02 units
> in one PDP-11 using one or two MFM hard disks. I am using:
> * One Dilog DQ614 Revision S
> * One Quantum MFM Hard Disk Q540 (Aka. RD52-A)
> * RT-11 v.4

> * I assume the vector addresses of the unit is 174400 and 160.

That should be correct, unless you have a non-standard PAL at U55 on the

> The software used is the DQ614P.SAV diagnostics program Revision 0,
> and one DL.SYS driver that came with the DQ614P program.

Why? Why don't you use the DL driver that came with the OS? The device
drivers are OS-version-specific, and the driver I put up beside the
formatter is for RT-11 5.04, which is different to RT-11 4.0.

> Well, the program starts ok. There is no apparently problem with the
> OS environment. It works with its DL.SYS module, with the own DL.SYS
> module of the RT11 V.4, and without it too.
> The program startup and asks me if I'm working with a C.R.T (I assume
> it speaks about a terminal).

Yes, as Ethan said that just means a VDU as opposed to a printing terminal
-- it affects how it treats the delete key, and in this case also affects
whether it clears the screen; if you answer "N" to the CRT question, it
won't print current cylinder addresses becasue the printout would consume a
lot of paper.

> Later the program asks me about the
> access vector for the controller. By default it uses 174400 and 160
> values. I assume them too. The next step is to select one MFM hard disk.
> My disk is the 73, one Quantum Q540.

If the drive you want to use is not in the list, instead of typing a number
from the list, type "E". You'll then be prompted to enter number of heads,
number of cylinders, RWCC (which the manual says isn't used), cylinder at
whivch to start precompensation (also not used), and to pick a step rate
from a list.

> Inmediately, the program permits
> me to select how much DL disks I want to emulate. I can emulate two
> RL02 and two RL01. The program asks me: "Are you sure ?". My answer is
> yes. The process begins... and some seconds later, the program send me
> a message telling: "UNEXPECTED RESPONSE IN ADDRESS 00000160 (sometimes
> is the address 00000000). I've tried to change the cable selection,
> the address selection, etc... In this case, the message tells me that
> the unit can't be accessed.

Sounds like you have the correct address and vector but something is
generating spurious interrupts. Is there another RL controller in the
system? Or something with a misconfigured vector?

> Like a final indication, the Q540 hard disk have 5 jumpers named
> DS1, DS2, DS3, DS4 and ^. Actually is selected the DS1.

That should be right. Make sure you have the 20-pin cable on J2, not J3.
 Does the drive have a terminator?

> What is wrong ? I suspect that the program must be the same revision
> than the board (Revision "O" the program, revision "S" the board).

I don't think so. The program came with a Rev.K board.

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