Trailing-edge compute farm seeks gainful employment

From: bill pointon <>
Date: Fri Jan 4 05:55:59 2002

this is not a reply to any particular message but to the thread as a
whole -- you sound like a bunch of old-fashioned high school english
teachers -- i mean come on people - form follows function - or at least
it has for the last 30 years since marshal mcluhan - if you cant
understand someones post without consulting a thesaurus grammarian and
lexicon of the english language is it worth a diatribe -- i tend to
ignore capitalization and punctuation also - save for the generic
pause -- and if you cant decipher my messages is it perhaps because of a
failure in the reader rather than the writer ? i really dont care ----
and no offense meant where not taken voluntarily -- billp

ps -- i am not a warez dood - dont own a cell phone - and have never
instant messaged anyone

On Thursday, January 3, 2002, at 07:56 PM, Tony Duell wrote:

>> It's not that people here are snooty and require proper English to
>> post to
>> the list, it's just that run-on sentences with improper grammar and no
>> punctuation and capitalization is a real pain in the ass to read.
> Well, personally I don't normally comment on spelling/ grammar/
> punctuation. Particularly since English is not the first language of
> some
> people on this list.
> I only comment when there's likely to be technical confusion (as with
> the
> 'Centronics' connectors).
>> It also makes the reader assume (sometimes wrongly...) that the person
>> posting the message is a complete idiot, and advice, suggestions, and
>> answers will not be understood when given. This is a technical group,
>> and
> Most of the regulars here will hopefully confirm that I am fairly 'free'
> with techanical information. I don't mind digging out databooks or
> schematics, etc. I don't mind doing a few back-of-the-envelope
> calculations.
> But if I would have to spend significant time deciphering your message
> to
> work out just what you were asking for, well, I am not likely to do
> that.
> Instead I'll just ignore it.
>> God knows my English isn't perfect...... : )
> Nor is mine....
> -tony
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