Trailing-edge compute farm seeks gainful employment

From: Glen Goodwin <>
Date: Thu Jan 3 23:28:47 2002

> From:

> i agree u shouldnt try and read it
> ps notice no capitals and not punctuation

If thumbing your nose at this group makes you feel better it might be to
your advantage
to find out why. Personally, I'm curious as to why anyone would
intentionally make their
postings harder to understand than they have to be.

> doesnt matter anyway

If our understanding your meaning doesn't matter, why post?

> sometimes i forget that computer folks r technical people.
> i come from the arts where the only thing that is needed is
> understanding.

Hmm, I always thought most "art" forms required a modicum of technical

> i am on stage sometimes and all the musicians do is
> just nod or look at each other and everyone understands them.

What you are referring to is called a "cue." A cue is not a spontaneous,
mystical form
of communication. It is something which is worked out in advance, during
and it is expected by the recipient.

An example would be a look from a guitarist to a keyboardist which carries
the meaning,
"I'm done with my variable-length solo, so you may now begin your solo."
This may
or may not be actually spoken of in rehearsal, but it is still an
agreed-upon, precise form of communication which is worked out in advance
of the actual performance.

As for "understanding," precision in communication fosters better
This has been the entire point of the "Centronics/Crescent wrench" thread.

> will try and and be more precise. i guess here that is needed.

I think most people here would be happy if you just were a little less
sloppy in
your presentation, so that we can get a better idea of what you're trying
to say.
And if we don't like what you're saying we can always call you an ASS and
done with it ;>)

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