Web servers on classic hardware (was: Re: OS/2 1.3 EE)

From: Kent Borg <kentborg_at_borg.org>
Date: Fri Jan 4 13:58:17 2002

On Fri, Jan 04, 2002 at 01:23:00PM -0600, Jeffrey S. Sharp wrote:
> * Isolate the system from everything else, so if it was compromised, there
> would be no need to care.

First, be sure to not reuse any passwords between the don't-care
machine and any others. It could be compromised, your password
sniffed, and reapplied on a machine that you do care about.

Second, be willing to face wrath (if not someday liabilities) if
someone uses your don't-care machine as platform from which to attack
or spam others.

I think you want to do a reasonably good job of protecting this <on
topic> machine.

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