From: Matthew Sell <>
Date: Fri Jan 4 11:10:11 2002

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>I have not-too-much experince with VMS, so bear with me, but wouldn't it
>be possible to do one of the following options:
>1) Stick an 'emulation' user-mode shell on top of some free *nix
>2) Take a stock free *nix kernel, and modify it to work more like VMS.

That was the idea. I thought of taking FreeBSD, and add device drivers for
peripherals and filesystems, as well as implementing the "shell".

I do have various VAXen to test this on.

>Of course, the problem is deciding what ONE kernel to use (prolly BSD or
>Linux 2.??), and how to trim down the kernel to a small set of drivers for
>testing it.

I was thinking about using FreeBSD, simply for the availability of many
platform ports, including VAX.

         - Matt

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