From: Matthew Sell <>
Date: Fri Jan 4 14:07:39 2002

>I'm not convinced that it makes sense to keep the FreeVMS idea up. It just
>does not make sense:

It really doesn't matter if it makes sense or not. If it's something that
is already underway, then I'd like to assist. If not, then I'd like to
start working on it. It's my time and computing equipment, anyway.

I really don't care if anyone thinks it makes sense or not. Originally I
was asking if anyone had dealings with people who were involved in such an
undertaking. I didn't buy an 11/780 to sit around and look pretty. With
time and electricity permitting, I intend to actually learn from it. I'll
probably spend more time on my 11/750 for obvious budgetary and cooling
reasons, though.

- OpenVMS is complete. Reimplementing even only a limited subset of VMS would
>be a real ambitious effort. Reimplementing it in a portable way would be even
>harder, as the operating system is tightly coupled to the design of the DEC

Difficulty of re-implementation has no effect whatsoever on this. This is a
hobby isn't it? If not, why don't we all just junk these old computers and
get new ones. After all, new computers are much faster and can play the
newest games, right? If difficulty was the reason for not doing something,
then we all must be crazy for spending our time with these old computers.

>Porting Unix applications to VMS is usually a pain and I can see no sensible
>reason why one would want to write applications for an operating system which
>could, at best, reach the maturity of VMS 1.x in a few years from now.

Port what UNIX apps? Other than starting with a UNIX-based kernel, the goal
would be to run VMS apps, not UNIX apps. In a few years from now, FreeVMS
0.x may be the only VMS around.....

>I can understand the urge to write an own operating system. Re-writing a
>proprietary or obsolete OS from the past would be the wrong way to enhance the
>world. We already see the pain one has to experience when being faced with
>Unix rewrites.

I don't care about enhancing the world with a new OS. That's what Linux and
the BSD's are for. Again, I really don't care if anyone wants to help, or
if anyone even thinks this is a good idea. Having others support this means
nothing to me as well. I was just wondering if anyone else has tried this.

>If what you want is use the coolest operating system of the world, get a VAX
>or an Alpha and run OpenVMS. It's ready to use, it is complete and it is
>pretty cool.

Hans, did you read my original post? I already have VMS, and several VAXen.
If you were to check with my orignal post, and substitute "NetBSD" for
"FreeBSD" you would see I want to accomplish.

There are several reasons why this is a good idea in MY opinion. Some are
only good reasons for me, others could be helpful to the classic community.

How much longer is Compaq going to keep OpenVMS alive? I think it's days
are numbered. Why port a 20+ year old OS to the Itanium? I know Compaq says
they are doing it, but will anyone put money down on it? How many? Too many
IS weenies seem to think that Windows 2000 will solve most of the world's
problems anyway. What chance does VMS have against this? Heck, Compaq has
pissed away everything else they gained from DEC......

Anybody who thinks OpenVMS will be viable 10 years from now needs to visit
a psychiatrist. Just my opinion....

         - Matt

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