PS/2 Model 70

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Fri Jan 4 09:33:53 2002

> I found a couple of 2MB PS/2 SIMMs that I had stashed away and
> put them in my PS/2 Model 70, so I now have 8MB of RAM. I haven't
> cracked the password on the Xenix386 installation, but thought from
> the discussion that OS/2 would be a better operating system to play
> with anyway. I have OS/2 2.1. Would that be a good choice? If so,
> is there a way to make floppies from the installation CD? I haven't
> messed with OS/2 for a long time.
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> Eric Dittman
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Yup you can make floppies from the install CD and os2 2.1.x was the
standard at IBM on their Model 70 and 80 boxes when I worked there.

They were going to Warp which really shines with more than 16mb of
memory if you're using networking.

At 12 my 486/66 was sluggish.


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