11/53 - Qbus backplane question

From: The Wanderer <quapla_at_xs4all.nl>
Date: Fri Jan 4 03:31:32 2002


The 'C/D' slots are special ones and are only usable for memory when
using the
PMI (Private Memory Interconnect) interface. This allows faster access
to the memory
compared to the QBus itself.
The A/B slots are regular ones, so any dual type card can be used here.
Usually, slot 2 is occupied by a memory board, the 3rd slot can of
course be
any type of device.

You can remove the graphics interface board and replace it with a DELQUA
or a DECNA.
Te RQDX3 can indeed be the last card in the line, the 'last card' limit
was only
a problem for the earlier ones AFAIK.

You might move the RQDX3 to slot 4 row 3-4 and put the network card in
row 1-2
Just try it out.


Gooijen H wrote:
> I got in the 11/53 running Micro/RSX.
> The 11/53 has an H9278-A backplane. According to
> Megan's fieldguide the first 3 slots are Q22/CD
> and the last 5 slots are Q22.
> What does that mean?
> At this moment, this is the configuration:
> slot 1 rows 1-4: M7554-02 - 11/53-PLUS CPU
> slot 2 rows 1-2: M3106 - 4-line async EIA MUX
> slot 3 rows 1-2: M7546 - controller for TK50
> slot 4 rows 1-2: M7555 - RQDX3
> rows 3-4: ???
> All other slots and not mentioned row positions are empty.
> In slot 4 rows 3-4 is a card with just one 8-pos DIP switch
> three 16-pin DIL resistor chips and some decoupling caps.
> At the top are two BERG connectors, one 40 pin and one 50 pin.
> These two flatcables connected to an external unit, brandname
> Dynafive. Inside that box are several "Dynafive" boards and
> one board of "VGScientific". The rear of the box has several
> BNC connectors with markings that pops 'video' stuff to mind.
> Like H-sync, Green-in, Red-in, Green-out, etc.
> This box and the 11/53 were connected to eachother. On the
> disk in the 11/53 I found .RNO files that describe the VGS5000
> and how to use the application (something with spectral analysis).
> So far for the system description.
> Now my question.
> 1) Can I remove that ??? card
> 2) Put a DELQA or DECNA at the same position?
> I seem to remember that the RQDX3 must be the last device in
> the backplane for some reason.
> So, should the Ethernet card go in slot 4 rows 1-2 and should I
> move the RQDX3 to slot 4 rows 3-4?
> TIA,
> - Henk

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