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From: Chris <>
Date: Fri Jan 4 16:59:04 2002

>If you have problems reading some things, try to keep that in mind when you
>write. Others may have problems as well. Make it easy for them to see what
>you mean in what you write by taking a little extra care. It's important.
>Learn to do it well.

I just think some people need to realize that sometimes, what you get is
the best a person can do. I'm not defending a lack of use of punctuation
or capitalization, or anything like that (re: the emails this thread is
about... I agree they should have had better care taken when being
written)... but with generally poor writing, particularly when you find
the same person doing it over and over... you just have to accept that
that MIGHT be the best they are capable of. And you might want to ease up
a bit on them... since the bitching may very well be taken as a direct
insult to their intelligence level... and is apt not to fix the problem,
but rather cause a nasty conflict.

I mean, how would some of you feel, if you asked about some unknown
classic computer part, and were told "you must be some kind of dumb ass
to not know what that is... anyone who has half a brain in their head
would know this".

But then, if your writing sucks because you are lazy... well, you should
just be taken out and shot... or at least deserve to be insulted for it.

Just my thoughts. And no, I myself have not been insulted by ANYTHING
that has ever been said on this list, much less the recent discussions...
including all the bashing I took over the crescent wrench incident... but
then, I am think skinned (or was that think headed), and it takes far
more than a bunch of emails to offend me (kick me in the nuts... I might
be offended... call me a dumb ass... I am likely to agree with you)


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