Drummers and SGI computers

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Date: Fri Jan 4 14:54:45 2002

Wait just a cotton-pickin' minute there! What's all this biz about dissin'
drummers? I'd have you know, like Buddy Rich said, "I am the band, mister."
I figure 40 years of being a Slingerland drummer (www.slingerland.com) and
Paiste cymbal player (www.paiste.com) driving swing and jazz (and an
occasional rock group, when I'm not critical about the music *8^) earn me
that right. And, for your information, drummers don't lose time; they
reinterpret the chart, for crying out loud. Sheesh!

Now, let's get back to computers. Still looking for SGI Indy at a good
price; anybody got any ideas?

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