Hep me!! scsi adapter DOS drivers (ot?)

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Fri Jan 4 10:16:43 2002

I'm not certain about the "-CF" and "-CP" versions, but ISTR reading that
ALL AHA154x adapters use the same drivers and utility set. In fact, my
experience has been that ALL AHA-anythings use the same utility set. That's
remarkably efficient, considering that the ADAPTEC folks have been doing
this since the mid-80's, which is when I got my first AHA154x adapter. Has
anybody got examples of anything that doesn't work that way with ADAPTEC's
ASPI drivers (ASPI?DOS.SYS, ASPIDISK.SYS, ASPICD.SYS) and utilities (e.g.

Maybe that explains why ADAPTEC was able to swallow up all their


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> Hey Ron,
> Ron Hudson wrote:
> > I am not sure of the age of the board but
> > Adaptec seems to think it's not supportable
> > any more... :^(
> >
> > Anybody have DOS ASPI drivers for the
> > ADAPTEC AHA-1542CF??
> I doesn't find anything if you search for 1542, but if you go to
> "Support" and then "SCSI host adapters" you will find the 1542CF listed
> under "ISA".
> Under latest downloads you will find:
> That should be what you are looking for.
> Later,
> Jon
> Jon Auringer
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