Movie making and distributed robotics (Was: Language and English )

From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Fri Jan 4 11:12:49 2002

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> i collect any computer i can get my hands on.

You must have lots of room. I'm getting to the point where I have to refuse to take peesees in some cases (err -- sometimes, regardless of the case. ;).

> i am developing an operating system and a multimedia program
> to create movies.

Are we talking about video editing, rendering, animation, SuperDuperMegaMultiCompoundApp, or what?

> i use a newer computer to produce records.
> i am also working out, as i was talking about
> in the original thread that got off track, a distributed
> os to control robots and also a custom computer
> to do the same.

Now, I can't particularly think of a situation in robotics that would require a distributed O/S. Usually it's general-purpose embedded systems at a maximum. What are you up to here?

Or is it just distributed for cool factor? (Nothing wrong with that...)

This part is likely to even be on topic ;)



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