Last call for MFM drives, floppies and misc

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Date: Fri Jan 4 18:59:58 2002

still have some goodies left. pay shipping and maybe enough for lunch at taco
bell, and it can be yours!

1.2 and 360k 5.25 floppy drives. untested though.
6 processor cards for IBM PS/2 series that use em (8590,9590,9595,etc)
3 ST-251 hard drives. LLF complete
2 ST-225 hard drives. LLF complete
2 seagate type 2 3.5 MFM drives.
7 conner CP1080E 1G drives with funky connector. came from SUN array.
Micropolis ESDI 70m
Seagate ST-125 drive. LLF complete
?? MFM drive 5 heads 985 cyl 26 sec
miniscribe 3650 MFM drive
IBM XT 10 meg FH 5.25 drive
Small IDE drives 80-120m

come and get it. Getting married, so have to simplify some, but not a lot!

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