Lazer 128 Apple IIe Clone

From: Chris <>
Date: Fri Jan 4 22:45:23 2002

I know there are some Apple ][ clone people on this list, so I thought I
would forward this on. I would love the Lazer 128, but can't afford to
ship it, and Michigan is too far for me to drive to pick it up... maybe
one you would want it:

>Subject: [swap] Anyone insterested in Apple IIgs or Lazer 128.
>Date: 1/4/02 7:57 PM
>Received: 1/4/02 9:42 PM
>From: Scott Simons,
>To: LEM Swap List,
>Just like the subject says. Anyone insterested in Apple IIgs or Lazer
>128. I'm not all I have because they are in storage, but I will try to
>get to them this weekend. I will then have a list of hardware that would
>come with them. Local to 49418 or 49345 would be great.

Reply to him, not me, I don't know anything more than the above listing.


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