Strange and Possibly Wonderful Cable

From: Geoff Reed <>
Date: Sat Jan 5 01:31:48 2002

Card Edge connector was the parallel port of choice on model 1's, 3's and
4's and vertain model 1000's. Also IIRC the mod 2 , 12 and 16 may ahve had
a card-edge parallel port.

At 09:56 PM 1/4/02 -0500, you wrote:
>>KX-T1225 which seems to be a speed-dialer of some sort. The other is a
>>cable with a (Doc ducks & prepares to rub) 36-pin Centronics connector,
>>plus eyelet ground, on one end and a female card-edge connector on the
>>other. The shrouds are steel, squared, and embossed "TANDY" on both
>>ends. While I've never seen one, I'm guessing it's a Tandy printer
> That's the general description of the parallel printer cable to
> the Tandy 1000-series machines before Tandy switched to a standard
> connector on the CPU. I've got one here with my 1000HX. Unfortunately
> Tandy used a number of different connectors for the parallel ports of
> their early machines, including a dual-row header and the above mentioned
> card edge connector.
> Jeff
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