Strange and Possibly Wonderful Cable

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Sat Jan 5 10:50:43 2002

Speaking of these, I located a blue ribbon cable with a card edge on one
side, centronics on the other - I beleive it was for a Tandy printer on
possibly a model 4. Been in storage for years and anyone that wants it can
have it for $1 over the cost of mailing (should be very light, probably can
go first class mail). The $1 is to cover what I gave for it. It's small
enough that it could even go outside the US cheaply. Contact me off-list at if you want more info or want it. I have to get a money
order in US fund s for it, or Paypal for the amount plus a buck for the
Paypal fee (it would be $2 plus shipping in that case, still cheap)

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> > Model 2 and 100 used a dual row header, and of course, the PC clones
> > an "RS-232 connector" :-)
> Right, the model 2 typically used a ribbon cable with IDC connectors. I
> have one of these with its DWP printer out in storage :)

Not to be picky (well, OK, I do tend to be :-), "IDC" stands/stood for
"Insulation Displacement Conector", which meant virtually ANY crimp-on
connector, INCLUDING the card edge connector on drive cables for 5.25, and
the computer end of model 1,3,4 printer cables when they used ribbon
cable. Since the "centronics" connector (Amphenol Blue Ribbon 36
pin) wasn't very available in IDC, those cables were kinda hoky, with
either a non ribbon "centronics" soldered to ribbon cable, or a card edge
crimped onto spread out non-ribbon cable.

The one model 2 cable that I remember using (20 yrs ago) did NOT have IDC
connector. It was a round cable (I don't know whether it was shielded),
with a 20 pin dual row header sloppily put onto the end.
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