Language and English

From: Chris <>
Date: Sat Jan 5 11:29:15 2002

>Secondly, anyone with an IQ at or about 75 can
>get through the present education system with straight A's if he shows up for
>class and does the assigned work.

ROFL... sad but true.

>What you're saying to the readers of the list is, "You should read what I
>to say, though I'm not willing to make sure it's clearly or properly
>presented." I find it hard to imagine that you could offer content that
>justify the effort, Chris.

Ok... Richard, Dick, whatever you like to call yourself. You sit here
claiming to be this great writer and reader... yet it seems you have NO
F-ING memory. If you care to go back over the various posts on this
thread, you will see that I am NOT the person that was using poor writing
skills. Rather, all I said was, to the language die hards, don't forget
the possibility that what you got *might* have been the best the person
was capable of. I never said the one this was all about (I won't mention
names... I'll leave that up to an exercise to your god like reading
skills), was writing to the best of HIS ability (he might be, but he
seems to have indicated that he writes the way he does by choice... fine
by me).

But somewhere, you seemed to have translated this into ME be the offender
of writing poor emails... despite the fact, that I have tried to point
out to you numerous times, that this thread HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ME.
(did you get that, or should I print it in another format, one your
perfect writing skills would use, so maybe your reading skills can pick
it up as well)

So... maybe your reading comprehension is bad, maybe you suffer from
serious memory deficiencies... I have no idea... but until you can figure
out that we are talking CONCEPTUAL here, and NOT ACTUAL... I will cease
to discuss the matter with you.

Have a nice day :-)


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