Movie making and distributed robotics

From: Ben Franchuk <>
Date: Sat Jan 5 10:41:53 2002 wrote:
> the idea is to have the robot take care of itself. just refer to the master os
> for references and instructions. master os will be used like a server.
> server of info, directions, traffic directions , scripts, etc. like a
> co-ordinator.
> to direct everything that is going on.
> for example like a forman on a building site.
> the forman gives everyone their job and they go to it.
> if there are any questions you refer back to him.
> or when you are finished your job, you refer to him
> and he gives you another one.
> and the forman monitors everything in progress.
> if he sees something that isnt going correctly,
> he may step in and give other instructions.
> joee

It still may best to build 'puppet' style bots
to get a feel for how to build your final bot. The low
level control used by a puppet bot can still be kept
in when you add a 'brain' to it. Follow nature for ideas
where you have several layers of control that you can
bypass in case of a hardware fault.

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