NetBSD and Dilog ESDI controller (was: Re: FreeVMS)

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sat Jan 5 17:30:05 2002

>Any MSCP disk adapter and the RL11/RLV11 / RL01/RL02 are supported by
>NetBSD. There are some compatibility issues with the CMD220 (?) SCSI to
>MSCP adapter. That is a bug in the adapter, so don't blame the OS...
>I have a DQ686 in my MV III and a DQ696 in my PDP 11/73 that was a MV II
>in a former life. They work well with my Maxtor XT4380E, XT8760E and
>some HH Micropolis drives. OSes on the machines are NetBSD 1.4/1.5,
>4.3BSD-Tahoe and 2.11BSD.

        Then NetBSD should work fine with the DQ686 (though I read it
as D0686 on my board) and a Maxtor XT-8380E in my MV II? Mine
originally had two of the 8380E's installed in it's BA23, but I
removed one of them and have it stuck away as a spare. It might be
interesting to try NetBSD loaded onto the 2nd one, if it could be
netbooted to do the install.

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