Compenents Source?

From: M H Stein <>
Date: Sun Jan 6 00:14:16 2002

As mentioned elsewhere, I'd recommend a cheap pair of computer
speakers as well; trouble is, all the ones I've seen split the batteries
between the two speakers, so it's tough to just use one.

But if you're still looking & don't want to rebuild a portable radio (hard
to find one with a speaker these days), I've got one or two of those RS
powered speakers somewhere that you could have for next to
nothing, depending on shipping cost.


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From: Kent Borg <>
Subject: Compenents Source?

In olden days I would go to Radio Shack, but that doesn't work
anymore, so I though I would ask here.

Anyone know where I could find a small, cheap, low power, amplified,
battery powered speaker? Back when I would have bought a "telephone
amplifier", but in 2002 I can't immedaitely find such a thing.

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