Strange and Possibly Wonderful Cable

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Sun Jan 6 15:44:20 2002

 Well, I just unburied my mod.2 and the parallel port is a double row 34 pin
connector and used a ribbon cable. I just recounted the pins and it is indeed
34 pin. It's interesting to note that the HD and FDD had the same type of 50
pin dual row connectors.
 The display on the m.2 was also really excellent compared to other
computers of that time.


> > > Model 2 and 100 used a dual row header, and of course, the PC clones used an
> > > "RS-232 connector" :-)
> > Right, the model 2 typically used a ribbon cable with IDC connectors. I
> > have one of these with its DWP printer out in storage :)
> Not to be picky (well, OK, I do tend to be :-), "IDC" stands/stood for
> "Insulation Displacement Conector", which meant virtually ANY crimp-on
> connector, INCLUDING the card edge connector on drive cables for 5.25, and
> the computer end of model 1,3,4 printer cables when they used ribbon
> cable. Since the "centronics" connector (Amphenol Blue Ribbon 36
> pin) wasn't very available in IDC, those cables were kinda hoky, with
> either a non ribbon "centronics" soldered to ribbon cable, or a card edge
> crimped onto spread out non-ribbon cable.
> The one model 2 cable that I remember using (20 yrs ago) did NOT have IDC
> connector. It was a round cable (I don't know whether it was shielded),
> with a 20 pin dual row header sloppily put onto the end.

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