Let me try this again

From: Doug Coward <mranalog_at_attbi.com>
Date: Sun Jan 6 12:36:24 2002

  Someone privately wrote:
> Sorry I dont use Winblowz. However, if you send
> me a copy of those I'll convert them to a pdf
> for you.

  I gave the filename to both Jay West and Hans B Pufal
so the files should be available soon and anyone can
grab them. I'm limited to email attachments of 2MB or
less. And even uploading them to my web site took 17
minutes at 145 Kbps.
  Actually, I asked about compression and generating
.PDFs for use with other documents I have scanned.
I'm up to my hips in scanned pages from manuals
that I would love to compress and wrap. I hate
sending someone scanned pages to use as a reference.
Doug Coward
_at_ home in Poulsbo, WA

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