More completely lame crap to skip over...Re: Language and English

From: Eric Chomko <>
Date: Sun Jan 6 12:15:11 2002

There was a thread on alt.folklore.computers on this very topic (does that make
on-topic? No, just two similar threads from two similar forums that are/were
off-topic. But I digress).

I agree, punctuation inside quotes IS ugly, but it does seem to be the "rule." I
wasn't sure
about the root of that rule, so thanks for pointing it out.

Kind of reminds me of the use of Kelvin vs. degrees kelvin.


Sellam Ismail wrote:

> On Fri, 4 Jan 2002, r. 'bear' stricklin wrote:
> > Even the American English "rule" of placing all punctuation inside
> > quotation marks is a _typographical convention_ that stems from the
> > early days of movable type, when the period and comma were the most
> > fragile pieces of type and were prone to breaking off in the press.
> OK, this is interesting. I always thought that it was both aesthetically
> ugly and illogical to place punctuation marks inside quotes. The belong
> on the outside, unless it belongs to the quote itself.
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