7/01/97 ClassicCmp FAQ - Part 1

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Sun Jan 6 05:10:48 2002

On Jan 5, 23:24, Lanny Cox wrote:
> I loved alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt... only lurked there, but it was
> sweet... are there any newer alternatives out there these days?

You probably remember that the rapidly-increasing number of off-topic posts
led to a variety of attempted solutions. That culminated in the creation
of a moderated group, comp.arch.hobbyist. The moderation is done by a
'bot, with human backup, but the group traffic level is very low. I
suspect that's because the 'bot is too good, and it's actually hard to post
as a newcomer, so interest has dropped off. The last few times I tried to
post, my posts bounced, and attempts to contact the human moderators
failed. Maybe I was just unlucky. Anyway, you'll find the FAQ and charter
on Mark Sokos' website, http://home.supernet.com/~sokos/cahfaq.htm although
it's seriously out of date and a lot of the links are broken.

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