From: Christian Fandt <cfandt_at_netsync.net>
Date: Sun Jan 6 09:27:41 2002

Folks, Could anybody help Mr. Heaton with his search for info?

Contact him directly, of course, at "Bob Heaton <wb4jpz1_at_strato.net>".

Thanks much , Chris

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>From: Bob Heaton <wb4jpz1_at_strato.net>
>Subject: COMPUTER
> Have just come into posession of a couple (2) really nice little computers.
> They are basically portable, but require 115 ac AND a telephone line.
> Each is in a nice carrying case, and has a fold down key board.
> The ID plate says
> INFORMER computer terminal
> model 207 102 V.22 P/N 990-0KI VO-20
> Pala Drive
> Garden Grove CA 92641 USA
> 714-891-1112
>Attemps via snail-mail and twisted pair have been un-sucessful ,seems like
>they just dropped off the face of the earth. Both units power up...pushing
>buttons from F1 thru F24 display menu screens and programing formats.
>Any one have an idea where I could find a manual, of information on these
>guys ? Sure would like to get them
>set up to do something useful .
>Please E-mail to:
>Bob Heaton
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