PDP-11 memory question

From: Tom Leffingwell <tom_at_sba.miami.edu>
Date: Sun Jan 6 16:52:42 2002

On Sun, 6 Jan 2002, Pete Turnbull wrote:

> Many of the QBus processors have a set of terminators on the CPU card, and
> the QBus spec allows for the use of short bus length with light loads and
> no extra terminators. The definitions of "short" and "light" are subject
> to variation at short notice :-)

I guess this explains why my system has no BDV11 board in it. Although it
doesn't completely work either.

> This sounds familiar. And to be honest, if you are running anything other
> than RT11SJ, you probably have a lot more than 28KW of memory anyway, so
> the saving is minimal. My advice would be not to bother trying to squeeze
> another 2KW out of the system.

I'm running RT11XM, and it doesn't seem like I need an extra 2KW.
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