HP2000 availability/nomenclature

From: Jay West <west_at_tseinc.com>
Date: Sun Jan 6 19:22:46 2002

Don't recall the commands to use the DRUM for saving programs. It seems to me I vaguely remember seeing the command listed somewhere, but I didn't pay much attention to it because I figured the chance of me finding a drum system to use were pretty much zero. DR-SAVE maybe? I dunno :\

If you know some old grizzled HP veterans, I am desperately searching for the IOP firmware for 2000 Access for the 21MX series of cpus. I have the firmware for 2000 Access on the 2100A/S, but not the 21MX. That would be MOST handy.

And yes, I would be very interested in ANY SLEEP or HIB tapes particularly, also any punch tapes... basically I need the entire contributed/system library because the base OS includes no library.


Jay West
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  Well I gotta say it's great that someone out there is getting a 2000 up and running! I used to work at HP and know a few good hardware guys who might be willing to help you out. Also, if your interested I could ask a few of my old friends to scour their attics and basements for any paper tapes, sleep/hib tapes, or manuals for you...let me know.
  Also, I have a trivia question for you...what commands were used to add and remove files from the drum disk drive?
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