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From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Mon Jan 7 16:40:58 2002

On Jan 7, 16:05, Dan Wright wrote:

> real problem is that outlook is brain-dead... The message is sent as
> mulipart/MIME, with the first part being the text of the message and the
> part being the signature. Clearly outlook doesn't understand how to
> MIME the right way; it should recognize that part 1 is plain text and
> it, and that part 2 is something it doesn't know about. I've talked to
> (not on this list) about it, and the only mailers that seem to have this
> problem are 1) outlook, and 2) some e-mail appliances.

Nope, zmail and MediaMail both see it as multipart but don't see the first
part as the main text part, so they don't show the text straight off, just
a multipart attachment.

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