Lithium/Lithium-ion batteries

From: Kent Borg <>
Date: Mon Jan 7 09:46:35 2002

On Sat, Jan 05, 2002 at 03:01:59PM -0500, Bob Shannon wrote:
> Recharging lithium ion batteries in laptops is a very complex operation, and
> a somewhat dangerous one as well. A conventional 18650 LiIon battery cell
> has a substancial explosive yield, if mistreated!

Which is why LiIon cells are *so* hard to come by in the raw.

Recently I wanted to replace the tired battery pack in my old Sony PC7
camcorder. The problem was that it is an obscure battery these days.
My solution was to buy a commodity camcorder battery (Polaroid
branded), ignore the "do not open" warnings, and substitute the
working innards for the tired ones in the casing that fits my camera.

I do *not* recommend doing this yourself. It was key that the
batteries (and in this case charging electronics attached to them)
matched between the two camera designs.

Had I done this wrong I could have burned myself, lost an eye, etc.

-kb, the Kent whose camcorder is usable again.
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