Trailing-edge compute farm seeks gainful employment

From: Feldman, Robert <>
Date: Mon Jan 7 11:15:30 2002

They're called "false cognates." My favorite one in Spanish is "embarazada,"
which would make you very embarrassed if you use it to mean "embarrassed"
(as it means "pregnant.")

There's the story of a female exchange student who told her host family
"Tengo hombre" ("I have a man") when she meant to say "Tengo hambre" ("I'm
hungry"). When informed of her error, she blushed and said "Estoy
embarasada!", which only compounded her chagrin. (She said "I'm pregnant"
instead of "I'm embarrassed.") :-)

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You're suffering from a misconception popular among immigrants from Germany
and elsewhere, assuming that words spelled and even pronounced similarly
actually mean the same. <snip>
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